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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blown away by the wind...

It was a difficult day.
I always had friends to see me through such days. Isolation was for others, it really never existed in my dictionary.
But to know that all your friends are fast asleep in another country, where the sun had not yet deemed necessary to rise, made it an even more a difficult day.
So having no choice left, i decided to take a walk to clear my mind. I have heard and read that a good walk did wonders to brighten you up (though my head never understood this idea). Needless to say, i just got more muddled by the walk. (to see all the other folks chatting away to their friends and relatives, only made me sulk even more!)
Finally, I came upon a bench along the banks of a river. (Again I am not a nature person. The max that I can sit on a bench and stare into nothingness is like about 5 minutes).

But somehow, something nudged me into narrating all the day's incidents (yes to nobody, to nothing). I just blurted out every single frustration in my head.

A huge wind blew at about the same time that I finished my tantrum. I felt light.I felt good.
I had ranted all my troubles into the air and the wind had blown them far far away from me, leaving me light and happy......

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