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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My mom...

As a teenager, I was always finding faults with my mother.
While my father was a hero, my mom always seemed to be the one who got in my way.

I remember those days when I pushed aside her food claiming it to be horrible. The times I have huffed and puffed if she was even a tad late to pick me up from school.. The days when I never entered the kitchen to help her..the times that I shrugged away her hugs...
I remember her silently enduring every blame that I threw her way.

Today I am married and in a new world. Now, I have to cook on my own for me and my husband. I have to press my own clothes.
Even if I get a single criticism on my food after slogging in the kitchen for hours, I would throttle my husband's neck (or starve him to death).

All those years, the efforts she put to make me comfortable, make me happy.. All those years that I never thanked her for...It haunts me even now after 10 years of marriage.

Today I adore her for being there for me.. for being an epitome of patience....for loving me the way no one else in this world would or could...

I guess it requires you to move far away from your home to truly appreciate the value of your mom.



  1. Hey, you got great contents...I super love reading your blog.

  2. Thank you very much :) .. I enjoyed the photographs on your blog.. They are lovely!

  3. very nice remembrance post! :-)
    i can empathize, though not as much as you've troubled your mom! ;-)

    1. yes reNUka, as the only child at home, my teenage years were truly a nightmare for my parents. But then, as they say "The Acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!" :D


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