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Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Please don't leave me.. please!"

Holding his hand tightly and looking questioningly into his eyes, I said "Please don't leave me .. please.."

It all started like this. I had a splitting headache when I woke up in the morning. I am known to have a dirty temper when I develop headaches. So my dear husband din't waste any time in rushing me to the hospital.

And as luck would have it, the emergency department was as full as Bondi beach on a bright and sunny day.
So there we were in the waiting room, waiting for my turn with the triage and snippets of conversation fill the room.

"Do you speak English?"
"Where does it hurt?"

"Hi, I think I swallowed a earplug in my sleep"

Both contorting in pain and simultaneously trying not to laugh (making my face look like a cross between a warthog and a California condor), I try to shut out all conversations.
Luckily, I hear my name being called and we hurry up to the triage's seat. After managing to give meaningful answers to her stupid questions, she flashes a torch into my pupils.

"Oh! You have black eyes"
"So will you, if you don't get me to the doctor now!"

She finally agreed that it might be a good idea for a doctor to look at me as by now my then only splitting headache was turning into a really nasty nauseating one and along with it so was my temper.

The doctor finally decides to make her entry. Considering that I have the history of benign ICH, she suggests that I take a CT scan of my brain with contrast. Now. CT scans? yes, I have taken them before. But with contrast? Heck, what the hell is a contrast?!?

All the courage and humor in me start evaporating into thin air. Limpid pools start forming in my eyes. My doctor quickly notices and assures me its nothing. yeah she can say that. She is not the one who is going to get dye shot up in her veins now, is she?

After a few convincing rituals, we finally head to the laboratory. Enter : An Asian lab technician. He is insistent that I get  a few blood tests done before the scan. The doctor disagrees. She says its fine. lets get it over with. But you know how lab technicians are, they can be really adamant. So I obediently allow the doctor to stick a needle through my cubital fossa (no, dont go googling it. Its the front part of your elbow), while shutting my eyes tightly.

Again into the waiting room, this time waiting for the blood test results.

"Are you both married?"
"Yes, I am the husband and she is the wife"
"Mom, I am bursting to go to the toilet"
"shhh, they will call us any minute now!"
The blood tests results arrive. I am being ushered into the lab again. The lab technician looks happy to have had his way and mumbles something that both of us do not understand. 

I am being asked to lie on the scan machine. The technician covers me with a blanket (did he think I was cold? I was sweating with anxiety! but I was too anxious to say anything). He pricks the needle into my left arm and says that's for the contrast. 
I give a sigh and squeeze shut my eyes. He touches my right hand and asks "Are you alright?"

I grasp his hand for dear life, look questioningly into his eyes and say "Please don't leave me alone here....please"

The last thing I remember, is him brushing off my hand and leaving the room, before the heat started spreading over my left arm, slowly encroaching my entire body....

Foot Notes:
Fact 1 : I do have black eyes, like 2 drops of black ink in a pool of white chocolate sauce.
Fact 2 : Don't ask me what this photo is doing here!
Fact 3 : The only thing that the scan proved was that I have a brain. A structural one at least. Functional or not? GOK.
Fact 4: I was sent home with 2 Panadols.


  1. Haha brain scans are always fun, mine turned from a 'should be finished in half an hour' to me laying in a pool of my own sweat a hour and a half later in the middle of a overheating mri machine on the plus side I got to listen to some good tunes (it was like my very own beach party in there). I personally think they forgot I was there due to lack of brain activity. Did you ever find out what caused your headache/ if they're a different type?

    1. ha ha.. oh yeah, I know MRI scans are even funnier. Luckily this one was CT (quicker than MRI!).
      apparently, as per the doc, I was having a bout of migraine due to the change in climate! Fortunately haven't had them since. Wait. I just jinxed it, dint I? If I ever get one again, I am going to personally come over to UK to give you a piece of my headache :)

    2. Unfortunately for one guy having a scan in the other room the scanner had broken the last time he turned up and then broke again then so it would've meant a third visit for him to have one scan :S
      I was going to say should we swap headaches for a bit? But that wouldn't be very nice on my part http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_headache have you had anymore headache bouts since the climate change?

    3. lol, i know, poor guy, but still, lol....fortunately, I haven't had any more headaches. and NO, I don wanna swap (mainly cos i hate 'smashing my head against the wall during episodes' :D )

  2. I think you are a wonderful Blogger. Please keep it up.

  3. Hi Nina
    Fabulous post - I love how you have conveyed so much humour re-telling what must have been an awful day.

  4. ick. luckily i haven't had to have too many of these done in my lifetime. hope you are feeling better!

    1. lucky you(knock wood!). yes, feeling much better :)

  5. I am a frequent visitor in your blogs, this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again


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