Look At Me!

Friday, March 15, 2013

A short break

Nina Gray: Hello dear blog, if I told you something, would you get angry ?
My Blog: depends on what you say
NG: hmmm..actually I would not be able to write to you for the next 3 weeks.
MG: What?!? 3 weeks??? what did I do now??
NG : 3 weeks is a loong time, I know. And it's not you. It's me.
MG : what happened?
NG: I am going away for sometime and would not be reachable.
MG : oh! not fair!
NG: But think about all the peace who will get  when I am gone! And hopefully I will get some clicks to show you when I get back. 
MG :hmm that's right.. I will be waiting.
NG: I will miss you for sure!
MG: Me too

So until we meet again Be Good, Feel Good and Do Good!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Gods Must Be Crazy!

"You are speeding!!!!"
"There is a truck behind us.Please be careful.."
"Please keep to the left lane!"

O.K. That's me in a car (my husband is driving, of course).
Alright. Before you all start judging me, let me tell you this.
For one, I was being polite! Did you count the number of  'Pleases'?
And secondly, for a girl who has been under a bus and lived to tell the tale, this behavior is tolerable!
Yes, I have been there, where no one has ever dared to be.
"Literally under the bus!" Thank you for the Bravery Award! {blushing}

But that's not what I am getting at today. It's US ( No, not the United States). By US, I mean My Husband and Me.

For the first few years of our marriage, I thought it was God's Big Joke to get us married. (It must have been getting really boring up there). We were so different, we could have been from 2 different planets.
Our conversations sounded like Morse codes.

HE:  Beeeep, beeep....
ME:  Bip, bip, bip, bip, beeeeeep...

And other times it were like lexical ambiguities

HE: Woman off to jail for sex with boys
ME: Why? She din't find any boys outside the jail to have sex with?

HE: Stolen painting found by tree
ME: A tree found a stolen painting? now, that's strange!

And mostly we were eating each others souls out!!


It's been 10 years now! Not that anything much has changed (we still are a weird couple), but somehow our marriage survived this far. I am still trying to figure out the reason.
Maybe over the years we discovered little things about each other that kept us together, maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome or maybe it's just that God must be really craving for some entertainment!

Well, whatever be the reason, the moral of the story is  "If your marriage is weird in the first few years, give it 10 years and it will still be weird! ......and also that I am shit scared of travelling on road"

PS: Hodophobia, that's what the fear of travelling on road is called!