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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7. i Am aFraiD oF..

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you're most afraid of

I am petrified of absolutely anything and everything

I am afraid of the dark! (Don't keep staring into this photo.. Its got nothing in there except DARK!)

I am afraid of what the future might hold.
I am afraid of change.
I am afraid of roller coasters.
I am afraid of hospitals.
I am afraid of dogs and la cucarachas.
I am afraid of ghosts.
I am afraid of losing my loved ones.
I am afraid of lightning and thunder. (You can find me under the cot mostly, when it thunders)
I am afraid of not having a kid call me mommy.
I am afraid of death (or the oblivion of what awaits me after)

I am afraid to think that I still have 24 more posts to go before I complete BEDIM challenge (sigh!)


  1. Hi Nina

    I'm trying to think what I'm afraid of and off the top of my head I can't think of anything.

  2. You're doing a great job...keep it up. You're 1/4 done already!

  3. Try doing a 365 like me that should keep you busy

  4. And here was me thinking I was the only adult to be afraid of the dark.

  5. I'm afraid of closed spaces. *shiver*

  6. I am afraid of hospitals, losing my loved ones , not having a kid ( I am not even married yet :-D ) and Moreover, I am afraid that one day we might fall out of love :(


    1. bdw what is BEDIM challenge ?

    2. I think it's the "Blog Every Day In May" challenge... someone came up with it, and many are now participating in it...!

  7. I'm afraid of things fluttering around my head -- like moths, butterflies or birds. This comes from a traumatic experience in childhood. But for the most part, it's not too debilitating because how often do you have stuff fluttering around your head? Not often. And it's usually avoidable. Like not going in the Butterfly House at the zoo.

  8. What am I afraid of, hmmmm....

    I fear the need for 'significance', it makes fools of us and causes us to do the most unkind things to one another.

  9. You made me smile.
    You are such a lovely gift.

  10. I got a few of these down pat but there are plenty of others I can add. Are you sure there is nothing in that picture?

  11. I'm afraid of roller coaster too!

  12. Nina, I think you are doing great with the challenge :)

    I think I am older than you.. I used to be afraid of the dark. I always had a light on at night. Then one day (or night) I realised that I'm not afraid of the dark anymore.

    I used to worry about the future - about how we would go at bringing up seven children, and if we would be able to do it properly. Then I realised we had managed it and it all worked out ok.

    I hope all your fears melt one by one as you go along :)

    (Except for the roller-coaster. That one makes too much sense! :)

  13. Hi Nina! I'm impressed with how you are challenging yourself to blog every day in May! I would be tempting fate to set myself up for that challenge! I don't like roller coasters either. I'm afraid of heights, speed, and driving on the freeway. Also horses and big waves. I've gotten over my fear of flying and am better with heights ~ if I could just conquer freeways! Losing loved ones is very hard, and I've lost too many already; I definitely dread the day I lose my husband and siblings. Other than that I'm good! Have a nice evening.

  14. I am really scared of the dark too - so much so that I won't go upstairs by myself at night - just in case!

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  15. My dear Nina you are doing a great job, do not worry :)
    Me too afraid of losing my loved ones :)

  16. I made A smiling face in last line by mistake .

  17. I am no longer afraid of ghosts. We have a ghost that lives in our home. Her name is Ada!

  18. I'm also frightened of cockroaches... and we have the big, flying ones... aaarrgh!

    You are rocking this challenge Nina!
    Go girl!

    Writer In Transit

  19. I am a scaredy cat--well not that bad--but I'd love to try anything (oh well apart from those gruesome insects that famous in Thailand) but I hate roller coaster now, but tried them all when we went to Disneyland, but I was sick and petrified and screaming all the time..:) but it was a whale of a time...

    I am not scared of the dark--but perhaps if I'll see a ghost I would be...:)

    SNAKES--I do not like them, I am scared of them...

  20. Aww.. don't you worry Nina. You will do an amazing job - of this challenge, of every challenge you take part in, and in your life as well :)

  21. I wouldn't say I'm scared of much, but I wouldn't say either that I can't wait to die (ha, quite the opposite), and I also fear very deeply the loss of loved ones. Eek.

    Oh, I HATE cockroaches. But I don't think I'm nearly as petrified of them as I used to be!

  22. Hey Nina,
    This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I plan to stop by more frequently. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award because your little avatar photo is a smiling sun. I am sure you have an award worthy blog as well.

    Cheers from Brandy at http://brandysbustlings.blogspot.ca/

  23. Careful now Nina, you're making me afraid. What I really don't like is pitch blackness when you can't even see your hand in front of your face at night. I only usually get to experience this when I go abroad on holidays. It makes me feel as if I'm totally blind.

  24. I'm sorry Nina, but have faith and you won't be afraid anymore! It works.

  25. Just stopping by to say hello, I hope all is well.

  26. Hey Nina! Just checking in to see if you're okay??

  27. Hi Nina, Newbie here.
    I'm afraid of the dark too and treading on dog poo.
    Most of all I'm afraid of what I'll say next in case it offends someone.
    Apart from that I'm cool ;)

  28. Hi Nina! Nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

    Part 1: I would like to thank (Liebster Award): http://simplyaverage.blogspot.com/2013/06/part-1-i-would-like-to-thank-liebster.html

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