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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mary and her little lamb

Once upon a time, long long ago (when Mary had a little lamb), there was one question that boggled the mind of people.

"Can a boy and a girl JUST be FRIENDS?"

Today, (long after Mary's little lamb stopped following her), there still is one question that boggles the mind of people.

"Can 2 girls (or 2 boys) JUST be FRIENDS?"

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  1. Your blog is quicker than molasses. I've seen a few blogs that are very moderate. I mean a sidebar filled to the overflow, blazing pictures, full blog entries on the landing page (instead of portions), a huge number of GIFs… each one of those things back off a blog. They make it take more time to look down in light of the fact that it's slacking, and it could even make a more seasoned PC crash/solidify totally. I like your blog. It's straightforward, rich, and brisk to stack.


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