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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Etched in my brains for ever...

I recently read an article posted by Kellie at Delightfully ludicrous. As I was reading through the article and the comments, I was reminded of an incident that occurred around 12 years back.

November 1, 2000
In an interesting turn of events, I happened to be in a place called Kerala in India on this particular day.
Some of my friends urged me to go visit a place which was gaining popularity for miracles from The Lady of Kanjikode. I was skeptical and did not want to waste our time visiting baseless miracles while we could be doing a good tour of the place. Now, don't get me wrong, I do Love Jesus Christ and I believe that He is the Son of God and that Mary is divine. But literally believing everything that the Catholic church and the Bible says? Nay! I was way too scientific for that.

My friends succeeded in making me agree to visit the place. A spiritual catholic retreat was occurring on that day, in the local language, on a makeshift altar. Among the first row of audience, a lady draped in a blue sari caught my attention. There was a seemingly unassuming nature about her.
Well, since there was nothing more to see, we decided to head back to our touring, when suddenly the lady fell down from her chair. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be gesturing something that meant 'No, No". Slowly but steadily a mark started appearing on her forehead. It looked like a cross made from blood. I noticed her palms were bleeding too. More like a blood sweat. The crowd was rushing towards her but were too horrified to do anything. I was gobsmacked. I looked at my friends and they were paralyzed too. Finally someone decided to shoo everybody away and we decided to flee.

We just could  not believe what we had seen. I had heard of stigmata before but never ever witnessed one! She was lying right there at our feet.
We never spoke about it. It was like a silent agreement between us.
This is probably the first time I have ever mentioned it in all these years.

Well, does this prove that everything the Bible says is correct or that we were all created and not evolved? I don't think so.

But one thing it sure did was make me realize that there are certain things in this world that are beyond human understanding, that which does not have a plausible scientific explanation, which are abstract, which I would keep a secret for fear of being ridiculed by the world, even though I witnessed it with my own eyes!


  1. I do believe in miracles ,very interesting post my friend,loved to read.

    1. Thanks Aunt Mary. I was reluctant to post this but now am glad that it made one believer happier :)

  2. Interesting reading, it has certainly made me think.

    Kate x

    1. Yes Kate, It had me thinking for ages until finally I decided to accept it. sometimes life has this funny habit of springing surprises on you. There was absolutely no need for us to be there at that place at that point in time. But still there we were!

  3. You had the privilege of witnessing a very strange event, one of those very few that, for us who have not been witnesses, may be a true miracle or may have a very simple natural explanation.

    The key of the mystery rely on a single word: 'Faith'

    It seems that faith, that is, sacramental faith, is a gift, not all people can claim they have it. But those who do have it, are firmly based in its reality that everything is a clear path toward Heaven.

    Since pre-Socratic philosophers were displaced by Socrates's questions a new Faith was born, we called its deity Science, and their followers tried by all means 'to believe' it will disclose all mysteries in the Universe.

    The followers of that new Faith, finding the adamant position of some religious people, and feeling weak facing the strong beliefs of their opponents, had turned to try and show how preposterous Religion is, and seek to demonstrate how gullible a faithful person is, without realizing the argument can also be reversed to themselves.

    But as the Bard told us, Hamlet said to Horatio, a model of rationality: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

    In my viewpoint I know nothing, never had a paranormal experience, so I follow your last paragraph: "there are certain things in this world that are beyond human understanding"

    This is the gist of my post "End of December"

    Thank you for sharing this experience.

    Sorry for the length of the comment! :)

    1. Wow! Its just like Od Liam to give such an insightful comment! I agree with you. Faith definitely is a key to lot of mysteries. Like you said, I guess one day we may have a very simple natural explanation to this as well.
      Now, am off to read "End of December"

      Please do not apologize for the length of the comment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading (and re-reading) every bit of it.

  4. Hi Nina :) I do believe in God and I do believe in miracles. I agree that what happened is not proof of either though? I don't know, but I think that what comes from God is accompanied by purpose and a spirit of peace of comfort. I don't know if you felt anything like that? I lived in PNG for some years and saw something a little similar, but it didn't feel like God to me.. I'm with the Bard :)

  5. Hi Sandy, We only had one emotion and that the was 'fear' (definitely not of peace or comfort.) I do believe in Big J but cannot tell if this was from Him or not.
    But then again, frankly there was no way that she could have faked it. Even today in 2013, I am just as confused as I was in 2000.


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