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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Questions

To Lord Jesus : "Does the Bible truly reflect ONLY your teachings. Or are some of the actual facts fudged by the  authorities, clasping us in confining dogmas, so that they can continue to monopolize the world?
Or is the true meaning just lost in translation?"

To the Authorities : "Are you telling us the complete truth? Or are you hiding facts, which is rightfully ours, under the pretense of 'Highly Classified Information'?"

To Princess Diana : "What is the true story behind your death? Were you really murdered or is it one of the numerous stories woven by the journalists/reporters/gossip mongers - just a gimmick to increase readership?"

To Hitler : "Did you really believe in everything you did or do you have any regrets? No, come on, seriously!"

To Mother Theresa : "Do you think I can be like you? completely selfless?"

To the unknown : "Is there a world beyond what humans can fathom, defying all common beliefs ? A parallel universe of bliss? Something to look for after the eternal sleep?"

To Thyself : "Will you ever be free from the fear of death (or the oblivion of what awaits you after)?
Answer : Death itself will be the freedom - oh the irony!

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