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Monday, December 31, 2012


Ok possums oops people (watching too much of Dame Edna), most of you already know I have relocated to a new country (for those of you who don't ; well, I have relocated to a new country).
This means I have left behind a lot of things. And the most important being "Friends".

So I am in a new country with no friends. This is when a few people who belong to the same nation or who work in the same office or who live in the same building as you, conveniently become your friends.
yeah cos that is convenient. So we become "Friends of Convenience" sharing absolutely no frequency/wavelength whatsoever. And when frequencies don't match, I don't have to tell you the results!

Below are some excerpts of my conversations with my Friends here.

A group of us decided to hit the beach

Friend:  oh wait , let me quickly grab my thongs!
Me (thinking) : what?!? did she just say that out aloud?
out she comes with a pair of beautiful pink sandals. oh God she has got it all mixed up.
Me (aloud) : er, don't you mean sandals?
She gives me a really sad look. You know the one you give an uneducated bloke who does not understand English.
Friend : my dear, these are thongs! (apparently here thongs mean shoes)
Me (beetroot red) : uh mm oh ok.

A group of us at the dinner table

Me : hey do you have a hand sanitizer on you?
Friend : Oh yes. I have everything in my bag. My bag is a Pandora's Box.
Me (thinking) : Pandora's box? is it not that box which contains all the evil in the world?   I am not going to correct again, now. Am I? No. once smitten twice shy. I am just going to play along!
Me (aloud) : oh wow! that is a lovely Pandora's box you have there!
Friend's daughter : Mom, Pandora's box contains all the evil in the world!
Friend gives me a piercing look. You know the one you give an arrogant insensitive fool who makes fun of their friends.
Me (beetroot red) : er, uhmm sorry..

After-dinner-conversation at friend's place whose entire family adores and worships Steve Jobs.

Friend's daughter : Apple showroom is my Father's Temple!
ok now I really don't know what possessed me. It could have been all those months of not having anybody to debate with or that I really was fed up of hearing Jobs every time we met.
So I go on ranting about how and why I hate Jobs in a very melodramatic way! (trust me, VERY melodramatic!)
Friend clutching her daughter tightly. You know the way they hold them when they are trying to protect their children from a raging psychopath.
Me (beetroot red again) : er, sorry, din't mean to get carried away like that!

So in short, my friends here think I am a "raging psychopath, completely uneducated, with an arrogant, insensitive heart who does not understand a word of English". Perfect! The only thing missing is the cherry on top.

This New Year 2013, I really miss my friends back home. and how!
foto by Nina


  1. :-) you've got a nice bunch of friends at your reach, right at your arm's ends!

  2. Nina that was a rocking post, are those your fingers?

    1. Thank you Big Babuleski, yes those are my fingers :)

  3. Ah, don't worry, you'll soon be talking just as crazy as them and it will be like one big happy friendly family ha ha ha. Remember, sandals are sandals and not thongs, so don't give that up. Thongs mean something completely different to me!

    1. Why, thaz what I am worried about :( . yeah you can count on me....Thongs are Thongs, no matter what they say! :)

  4. Nina, I don't know if you will still see this, but Welcome to Australia!! :D I'm sure you are getting the lingo down as you go along, but don't worry - most Aussies are pretty relaxed and don't worry about much :) (I don't know where you moved from?)

    You hate Steve Jobs??


    1. Hi Sandy, thank you very much!! yes though initially I was whinging about having moved, now I am completely at home in Sydney :). I have made some really good friends out here too!

      Not that I have anything personal against him (in fact I love igadgets!), but I think he is getting credit for something that is not rightfully his. And all this idealization of him as a technologist just gets on to me!

      Thank you so much for stopping by :)


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