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Monday, December 3, 2012

First Impression

I walked to the corner of the jewellery shop attracted by a lovely diamond caught in between the clutches of what we call a ring.
Hearing someone call out my name, I turned my head in time to see a woman in her sixties enter the store. Troy's mother.
They embraced each other and walked towards me with smiles.
The resemblance between them was striking.
I liked her instantly.

We walked towards a nearby coffee shop and sat down to order.
She looked at me, up and down, with a frown "So what do you do other than stealing my son?"
She seemed happy at her question.
I thought perhaps I was a little too hasty in liking her.

We paid the bill and walked to the entrance.
I was about to say my goodbyes when my future MIL wanted to know
"You look malnourished, doesn't your mother feed you anything?"
ok I changed my mind. I dint like her at all...

First Impressions - hah!

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