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Friday, December 7, 2012

Mind Control.

"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise".

Well, if Benjamin Franklin is to be believed, then I am a long way from being healthy, wealthy and wise.


Lately I have developed a habit of "Late to bed and late to rise".
So yesterday it was around 11 AM when I finally got my self out of bed.
I had a Big breakfast around 12 noon (burp!) and settled down with my laptop.
With lots of thoughts churning in my head, I had to pen(or rather type) them down to keep me from forgetting them.
I have no idea how long I had been up-to this exercise.

Considering that our clock is situated in a very awkward position, I had to veer myself to even get a glimpse of it. (And for some unknown reason my brain just could not remember that my laptop does show time!)

It was 4 PM.

WHAT?? 4 PM?!?

Had I been blogging that long? Impossible! I even missed my lunch!!
No wonder I felt soooo hungry.. In fact, I was ravenous.

I fixed a huge lunch trying to make up to my now growling stomach.
hmm yummy!

After the sumptuous lunch, I was on my way back to my laptop when I got a chance to glance at the clock again.
And the time showed 1 PM. (I somehow dint get the time right before)

WHAT?? It was just 1 PM?!?

Just 1 hour after my BIG Breakfast?? Seriously?

Did my mind really trick my stomach into thinking it needed lunch?
Did my stomach just fall prey to one of my Mind's pranks?
Have I completely lost it?

In any case, I think it is time that I considered "Early to Bed and Early to Rise".
Whether it makes me "healthy, wealthy and wise", remains to be seen :)

And oh yeah , Yes - The digital clock you now see on this blog is the result  of this tiny incident!

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