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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paranoia and Intuition - where is the line?

Me : make sure you tell my parents that I loved them..
Her : Helen....
Me : Tell Him that I loved him...
Her : Helen....
Me : Pass on my stamp collections to my little brother
Her : HELEN...
Me : you can keep my car..
Her : Come on Helen, you are not climbing Mt. Everest.. Its just a 4 hour flight, for heaven's sake !!!
Me : Sheepish smile

It was exactly 5 hours later that she heard the news of a plane that took off but never reached its intended destination......

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  1. Scary!

    I live on planes, coming and going!

    Never think about never reaching the intended destination. It is fate who decide when to cut the thread of a life!

    Good post, Nina


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