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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Apocalypse!

It's 21st Dec 2012. Oh My God ! The Apocalypse. It's happening!!! Its really happening!!!

There is a chillness in the air..The sky is turning blue...the birds are creating a cacophony..
There is a strong breeze...The trees are swaying gently in the breeze..
There are cars on the road...speeding cars...
The traffic lights are going Green, Orange, Red, Green, Orange, Red, Green...
The clouds are forming in the sky (white ones at that!)
The river is still..boats speeding across...

Wait. A. Second. Isn't this how any normal day in Sydney is?
So it din't happen..did it? The Apocalypse?
Thousands of blue blistering barnacles!! Thundering typhoons! Jelly Fish!!
(Just that it would have been nice not to pay the mortgages...)

OK Mr. Apocalypse...you never showed up! am thoroughly disappointed in you (not inviting you to anymore parties, you ditcher!)

-Angry Nina


  1. my theory: there was some kind of apocalypse on the 21st, but we just haven't noticed it as no one really knows what an apocalypse is because nobody has ever experienced something like that, at least nobody I know :-P

    1. Hi Billy, that is a great theory. Maybe we should just play along that it indeed really happened. who is to know anyways? :D
      Happy New Year!

  2. Yeah! Nobody will ever be able to prove our theory false or true. I really like that:-D


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