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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wishes Fulfilled.

Despite being relatively new to the country, I brushed off my friend's offer to pick me up.
I would be perfectly fine finding her place.
Getting off the train, I walked towards the lane I remembered taking the last (and the first) time I was here.
The sun was setting, darkness looming over the entire block.
Trying to recollect her lane, I took a left. Wrong lane.
Right. Wrong lane
Another left. No points for guessing I was wrong again.
Needless to say, what would have otherwise been a 5 minute walk,  took me almost an hour before I could finally locate her house. ( also involving 15 calls)

Hi Genie, when I said I wished to travel a lot, I din't mean travelling round and round the same block 15 times.
Also the other day when I wished I could wear a gown, I really din't mean a "Hospital Gown" !
You sure have a funny way of fulfilling wishes.


  1. Genie must be overwhelmed with your wishes. You got to be specific next time of what you are asking.

    But please let me tell you something. I travel and lost my way. It is good at times. I end up meeting new friends along the way.


    1. yes Freddie, I have to be more specific. I know that now, at hindsight.

      Agreed, as long as genie has the sense to keep me safe, I am all for getting lost..

      Peace be with you too!


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